Springtime view with fluffy white clouds across the high desert of Reno, Nevada to Peavine Peak and the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sarah E. Carmona Zink

Owner/Broker, CCIM – B.143308
Commercial Practitioner

Office: 775-473-8899
Cell: 775-560-4441
Email: Sarah@RenoTahoeRealtyGroup.com

Terry Rasner

Owner/Broker, CCIM – B.143016
Commercial Practitioner
Manufactured Housing Dealer
Office: 775-473-8899
Cell: 775-560-2232
Email: Terry@renotahoerealtygroup.com

Emily Weyrick

Broker/Associate, CCIM – BS.144645
Commercial Practitioner
Office: 775-473-8899
Cell: 775-742-1272
Email: Emily@renotahoerealtygroup.com

Timothy Koskinen

Broker/Associate – BS.144954
Commercial Practitioner
Phone: 775-303-2614

Richard Menchel

Broker/Associate – BS.144966
Manufactured Housing Specialist
Phone: 775-527-5005

Ann Baxter

Executive Assistant – S.185742*
*Licensed under Terry Lynn Rasner
Phone: 775-470-4186

Joseph Delorenzi

Realtor – S.176132
Manufactured Housing Specialist
Phone: 775-527-7918

Kwangsun Sarah Choe

Realtor – S.63987
Phone: 775-240-3147

Carissa Hammond

Realtor – S.183070
Phone: 775-815-9845

Karen Bouteiller

Realtor – S.60389
Phone: 775-972-6755

Scott Reddy

Realtor – S.176160
Phone: 775-688-9670

Miguel Martir

Realtor – S.51294
Phone: 775-722-4236

Alex Fuller

Manufactured Housing Specialist
Phone: 775-772-3286

Angela Magner

Manufactured Housing Specialist
Phone: 775-287-6775