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Don’t just Dream Big…“Dream a Bigger Dream”

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Our Impact

Reno-Tahoe is a better place when we come together to make dreams come true for community members in need. This belief guides us in everything we do through Dreams Foundation, Inc. It fuels our passion to partner with community organizations. It drives us to exceed the expectations of every dreamer. Most importantly, it is the foundation of our mission to fulfill the unmet dreams and aspirations for individuals, families, and organizations who are struggling financially and emotionally.

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Our Goals

At Dreams Foundation, Inc., we’re not wishing for the next big idea, or next big donation, we’re planning to MEET the next great UNMET DREAM with donations INTENDED to achieve it!

Since our inception in 2009, we have explored the unmet dreams and aspirations of individuals, families, neighborhood churches, people-serving agencies and organizations, recognized charities, boys and girls clubs, and youth sports programs in communities; and seen first hand that when dreams were met and realized there were always benefits to persons, families, and the entities noted herein whose lives or communities were positively affected by these actions.

Dreams Foundation, Inc. believes it is in the public’s interest to promote responsible federal tax deductible charitable giving. To this end, donations made to our Foundation are fully tax deductible under federal law, and enable us to create programs and funding opportunities for appropriate entities to meet the challenges and opportunities afforded by our Mission!

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Join us in ways that mean something special to you; or join us in a manner meaningful to those you love, or remember with love!